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Alky Digger Fuel Injection , Superchargers, Nashville, TN

My name is Mike Chilando and I'm the founder and owner of
"Alkydigger's Parts and Pieces".

My company began as the result of a happy accident back in 2006 when I decided to build a nostalgia front engine Dragster using an early Hemi. Midway through the project my plans changed and I listed all the equipment for sale, soon realizing that at age 60 I was more suited to helping others find parts. I embarked on this new endeavor and also began offering service work for Hilborn and Enderle fuel injection systems, over the next four years. I am now Hilborn's Largest Dealer and Enderle's second largest. I recently added Joe Hunt Vertex Magnetos as a product line to compliment my fuel injection business. I will always strive to ship my customers orders on time, every time. After owning 12 different kinds of businesses, I have finally found the one that fuels my passion!

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like a Littlefield LB22
Blower - The Blower Shop 14-71 Billet Blower High Helix Front Discharge…
Posted Today, 12:50 AM

Nashville, TN

2000- RPM @ 100 psi 4000 -RPM @ 100 psi Go to Alkydigger.com choose…
Posted Today, 12:50 AM

Nashville, TN

Works w Any Gear Drive or Timing Cover
RCD Billet Dual Drive Drives Magneto clockwise. You will need only the stainless or billet magneto clamp from…
Posted Today, 12:50 AM

Nashville, TN

Fits All Timing covers - Gear Drives
Turns the magneto Clockwise, but we can provide a CCW rotation drive if…
Posted Today, 12:50 AM


We stock all lengths call 615-457-3192
Blower Shop 180T 56.7" x 3" 8MM Blower Belt HTD 1440MM Commonly used for…
Posted Today, 12:50 AM

Nashville, TN

Alkydigger.net 615-457-3192 or buy online
Web site is www.Alkydigger.com REAL RCD not junk imitation We have NO used…
Posted Today, 12:50 AM


The Blower Shop- All new Billet
Polished 6-71 The Blower Shop Blower setup for SB chevy Polished Manifold…
Posted Today, 12:50 AM


We have from 2" to 6"
Alkydigger's " Fuel Pump Extension - Aluminum…
Posted Today, 12:50 AM


specific for Fuel Injection
Leakdown Tester for Mechanical Fuel Injections-Leak Down Check you barrel…
Posted Today, 12:50 AM

Nashville, TN

Drives Mechanical Pumps -SB, BB, LS Engines
Too many to list here. We have for BB Chevy Std- .400 .600 1.00 raised…
Posted Today, 12:50 AM

Nashville, TN

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Alky Digger  Fuel Injection , Superchargers

(615) 457-3192
Alky Digger Fuel Injection , Superchargers
West Nashville
Nashville, TN 37209
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Call or e mail us at 615-457-3192 or info@Alkydigger.com for questions on making mechanical injections run, or to purchase a New Factory built Hilborn EFI injection. FREE Technical advice on fuel systems -Blower or Magneto Recommendations MSD-SuperMag- Blower Shop Superchargers-
We stock over 2000 different parts for
Aeromotive Hilborn and Enderle , Milodon, and Blower Shop - MSD We do not log into Racing Junk but once a week, so please send me direct e mails.
... We are glad to help all our customers at any time .

America's Largest Dedicated Fuel Injection and Supercharger Shop
The Blower Shop Master Dealer
Enderle Fuel Injection Largest Dealer
Vertex Joe Hunt largest Dealer *****
MSD-Holley at Special prices , low as allowed

10 AM - 5PM CST